Digital Marketing Stats Every Manufacturer Should Know

marketingIt was recently reported that 42% of industrial companies feel neutral about their marketing efforts, while an additional 30% are altogether dissatisfied.

However, we’ve got a few manufacturing digital marketing facts that will blow the minds of these 72% of industrial companies and show them why utilizing digital marketing can be greatly beneficial.

Web Content

First impressions are everything. That’s why streamlined, concise site organization is a great starting point for digital marketing.

  • 59% of manufacturing marketers say that fresh web design and mobile optimization have drastically improved their businesses after just one year, with 82% of them saying it was due to the enticing web content.

For a good example of clear web content, check out the MacAllister manufacturing site.


While a worthwhile web revamp can go a long way, achieving top rankings in search through paid campaigns and organic leads is essential to driving customers to your site.

  • 84% of people searching for services in the manufacturing industry say they use the internet as their starting point in finding a company.
  • 75% of people searching the net never go beyond the first page of search results.

For a great example of search engine optimization and website conversion optimization, check out our discussion about Valco Valley Tool & Die.

Email Newsletters

Some may say that email marketing is a dead art, but with these stats, you’ll see that that is a difficult position to defend.

For a great example of manufacturing industry eNewsletter content, check out the Advanced Manufacturing example.


Digital marketing solutions for manufacturers can cut down on B2B marketing costs and the necessity of attending costly manufacturing trade shows.

  • Forrester recently reported that nurturing leads through web marketing is one-third the cost of traditional marketing strategies and typically generates up to 50% more manufacturing purchases.
  • 51% of industry workers did not attend manufacturing trade shows last year.

For a great examples of a cost-effective digital marketing strategy, check out the Forbes article example.

Social Media/Video

Let’s face it, our iPhones are practically permanently affixed to the palms of our hands. With our phones having a growing presence in our daily lives, integrating the constant feed of social media posts and video content into your industrial marketing strategy is essential.

  • People who are searching for products have also said that they are 4x more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it.

For a great example of how to effectively utilize manufacturing videos, check out this example from AMECO USA.

In conclusion, we know that reaching potential customers can be tough. However, the often untapped role and power of online marketing is undeniably essential to gaining leads in the manufacturing industry.

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