20 Small Businesses Making an Impact in Northeast Ohio

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At Sixth City Marketing, we pride ourselves on all things Cleveland, and we are even named after our favorite city. With that in mind, we wanted to showcase some local talent by highlighting some other small businesses making an impact in northeast Ohio.

  • CLEseats – CLEseats is a newer app that emphasizes local Cleveland restaurants to help users easily find new places to eat all around the city. Through the app, you have the ability to find special CLEseats discounts, restaurant menus, and much more!
  • Old City Soda – Old City Soda brews homemade, all-natural sodas as an alternative to mass-produced options. They also have a restaurant bar, Libations, with mixed drinks made from their soda, as well as a variety of food options. (We love Old City Soda even more because our company holiday party was held at Libations this year!)
  • WOLFS Art Dealers & Appraisers – WOLFS is a Cleveland art gallery featuring art pieces which range from the 16th century to the 21st. Their collection includes a variety of fine art as well as decorative art, such as antique pieces and modern furniture.
  • GV Art + Design – Known for their cool T-shirts beloved by many Cleveland sports celebrities like Andrew Miller, GV Art + Design became famous in 2009 for its clever slogan, “Cleveland That I Love.” They now have locations on both the west and east sides of town.
  • Jack Frost Donuts – Jack Frost Donuts is a family-owned and operated Cleveland donut shop that is known for its quality and local atmosphere. They make their delicious donuts from scratch daily and are regularly voted #1 in Cleveland!
  • The Cleveland Bagel Co. – As a new company in the area, the Cleveland Bagel Co. was made famous through LeBron James’ show “Cleveland Hustles” and has been making big waves in town ever since!
  • Erie Island Coffee Co. – Forget Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. If you are looking for the best brew in the area, this is where you need to go. They first opened their store on East 4th in 2009 and have since expanded to include a Rocky River location.
  • Mason’s Creamery – This delightful spot makes handmade ice cream using only the best ingredients they can source. Offering classic, seasonal, and vegan flavor options, this ice cream shop is top-notch. And recently, that had a pop-up special that featured ramen!
  • CLE Urban Winery – This unique winery offers its customers a convenient, comfortable, and cool experience to try out and taste wine made in Cleveland, by Clevelanders. And their Cleveland Heights location helps cement this chic company’s urban vibe.
  • Cleveland Street Glass – The owner and designer, Deanna Dionne, moved to Cleveland in 2014 and launched her company in 2016. She offers trendy and upcycled jewelry pieces made from—you’ll never guess it—glass from car break-ins!
  • Campbell’s Sweets – Since 2004, Campbell’s Sweets has been maintaining a promise to #KeepClevelandSweet. Starting off as a popcorn stand at the West Side Market, Campbell’s Sweets has since opened two more Cleveland locations as well. Be sure to seek them out!
  • Geiger’s – The Geiger family first opened shop in 1932 and their brand has been a well-known local clothing, footwear, and outdoor sports apparel provider ever since. Offering both high-end and local selections, Geiger’s is the perfect place to get a new winter jacket and much more.
  • LOCLE Box – A great alternative to big brand gifts, LOCLE box arranges gift boxes filled completely with local goodies from all around Ohio. Their company is all about promoting local products and the people who make them!
  • Rising Star Coffee – Their owners have a different sort of relationship with coffee, and pride themselves by knowing the people they buy their coffee from, and making sure the farmers and producers get their fair share. This hip coffee join has 3 locations across Cleveland and has also had a few pop-up locations as well.
  • Better Bit of Butter Cookies – Not only do these cookies taste great, but they look great too, thanks to owner Christine’s past in jewelry making and degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her treats are made with natural butter and local Ohio farmed eggs, and don’t contain trans fats or preservatives!
  • Malley’s Chocolates – Probably the most famous place for sweets in the city, Malley’s is a longtime Cleveland business that gained notoriety due to its delicious assortment of chocolate and candy sweets, as well as their tasty ice-cream concoctions.
  • Banyan Tree – As a boutique clothing store, with stores now open on the east side, west side, and in central Cleveland, Banyan Tree gives shoppers the opportunity to find unique and trendy threads for women, men, and children.
  • Platform Beer Co. – Founded in 2014, Platform Beer Co. has been bringing craft beer to Cleveland ever since. With a cool spot in Ohio City, and a menu boasting local Cleveland chef meals, this is one venue worth scoping out.
  • Cuyahoga Collective – Offering a variety of local goods, from clothing to artwork and more, this local Cleveland shop is a great place to go if you are looking for something different that you can’t buy at big box stores.
  • Sibling Revelry Brewing – After noticing a lack of breweries on the west side of Cleveland, one local family decided to take action and fill the gap. Since then they’ve opened a taproom and drinking experience right in their own backyards for everyone to enjoy.

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