The Importance of a Social Media Strategy for Your Website Health

Social Media Impacts All SEO Campaigns

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In talking to numerous businesses, many have asked us, “Why do we need to have a Facebook or Twitter page? Our clients and customers don’t find us on Facebook and Twitter.”

Our answers for this type of question are twofold:

  1. How could your potential customers/clients find you on social media if you do not have social media profiles?Although for some organizations the odds of a potential lead seeing your post on social media and reaching out may seem slim, we have seen this strategy work for a wide variety of our clients. It is an easy way to spread your brand awareness and try to reach your target audience.With a well-developed, comprehensive social media strategy, posting regular updates and monitoring them can be an asset to any marketing plan.
  2. There is a positive correlation between an active social media presence and keyword rankingsThis is the more important point of the two, so we will elaborate by highlighting key insights below.

Posting Actively on Social Media Can Help Boost Your Keyword Rankings

All SEO strategies should take advantage of social media, since it’s a relatively-easy way to get an edge on competitors in terms of rankings.

In the past, links have been a much more vital element for a successful SEO strategy. Having many outside sites linking to your pages helped to give your website credibility. Google would use the number of inbound links as way to assess which sites were “authorities” in any given industry and use this as a factor in ranking sites accordingly.

However, in recent years, there has been a shift away from links as a major ranking factor for a number of reasons, including:

  • Buying and selling of links – People were trying to cheat the system by purchasing links to improve their SEO rankings, making this a less trustworthy source of validation. Google has since changed their algorithm to take such tactics into account and penalize websites with faulty links.
  • Spam links – Some sites have blocked links altogether in an effort to prevent spam. Consequently, Google has put less emphasis on links in recognition of those avoiding them for protection.
  • New technologies – Google is constantly trying to better its user experience and develop technologies to improve their system of ranking. In fact, Google representatives have said new screening tools are in the works, which will help to better evaluate sites based on content and steadily move further away from relying on links.

For these reasons and more, Google has put less weight on inbound links in recent years and has broadened the scope of ranking factors to include social media.

Social Media as a Tool for Healthy SEO

Similar to the way Google looks at inbound links to determine which websites are “authorities,” social media is now used as a measure to assess credibility.

In terms of difficulty, building a following on social media, in many instances, tends to be more difficult than acquiring new inbound links for the site.

Thus, Google recognizes this as a way to measure which websites would provide the most-relevant information, using these metrics to determine which sites should be considered “authorities” or “thought-leaders” in a given space.

Capitalize on Your Social Media Potential

Developing a comprehensive social media strategy can help your business in two key ways, as mentioned above.

  1. Increase your digital leads by reaching your target audience through social mediaWe have first-hand experience using social media to drive qualified leads for our clients. Even in cases of unique niches, such as for manufacturing companies, we have seen social media produce leads.These platforms have proven to be sources which generate leads for a wide variety of businesses. Whether you focus on B2C or B2B, social media can be a tool to drive leads to your website.
  1. Increase your keyword rankings and improve SEO healthAs discussed in detail above, social media is proving to be more and more important for overall SEO health. By developing a strategy to incorporate your target keywords into your posts and share relevant information, social media can be a useful tool to get an edge over competitors in search engine rankings.If you have not yet taken advantage of social media, 2017 is the time to plan a strategy and implement it for your business.

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