How to Use Snapchat’s New Scissors Tool & Group Chat

Snapchat has always been good about keeping their app updated with the most recent technology and features. Their latest update, featuring groups and the custom scissor tool, is just yet another way they have made their app easier and more fun!

How to Make a Snapchat Group

In groups, you can select any number of friends to add and quickly send them snaps and chat with them. Best of all, creating a group is really simple. Here’s how it’s done:

Take a picture and go to the sending page, then scroll down to where it says “Groups.”


Tap on “Create Group” in the right-hand corner. It will then take you to the following page, where you will select which friends you want in your group.


Once you have selected your friends, tap on “Create.” Your snap will send to the friends you have selected. Next, you’ll want to change the group name to whatever you like. Tap on “Name Group” at the top to edit.


Once you have sent your group notification and changed its name, your friends in the group will receive a snap that looks like this:



Snapchat uses the twinkling star emoji (much like they use emojis to demonstrate different meanings) to represent it as being a group.

With groups covered, let’s move onto another great component of Snapchap – the scissor tool.

How To Make Custom Stickers Using the Scissor Tool

Another one of Snapchat’s newest features is the scissor tool, which allows you to make custom stickers to add to your snaps. Here is what you have to do:

Take a picture of whatever you want to turn into a sticker, then tap on the scissor icon at the top of the screen.



Then, carefully use your finger to trace an outline of your chosen sticker image.




This outline will be saved in your library of stickers, which can be found in the file icon to the right of the scissor icon.




Now you’ll be able to use your new sticker the next time you send a snap!

There you have it! Now you know how to utilize the new Snapchat groups and custom sticker feature.

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