40 Higher Education Marketers You Should Be Following on Twitter in 2017

If your New Year’s resolution is to stay informed about the latest news in higher education marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a higher education or marketing professional, or both, an easy way to keep up with higher education SEO trends and more is by visiting Twitter.

Within the social network, thousands of marketing influencers share recent developments in the higher ed. world on a daily basis. The professionals we’re featuring here work with a variety of universities across the country and beyond, so expect tweets that are diverse and well-rounded.

Starting the New Year by following a variety of higher education experts allows you to easily receive well-versed insight of what’s happening in the field – right on your phone.

Learn About Higher Ed. Marketing in 2017 by Following These Experts 

1. Emily Cretella


As a content marketer and copywriter for higher education, Cretella posts daily insights that any higher education professional can benefit from, such as valuable website and blog post tips.


2. William Faust


Faust consistently posts tweets about how colleges around the nation can appeal to students and build their brand online.


3. Emily Morris


As a marketing director for Sotheby’s Institute, Morris tweets about higher education marketing, as well as art and digital technology.

4. Chris Barrows


Barrows is a social media strategist for NYU who regularly shares his knowledge through his Twitter account, as well as on his podcast, Why I Social.

5. Karine Joly


Joly frequently posts updates to her Twitter account about all facets of higher education and university marketing – everything from analytics to branding are covered.

6. Mallory Wood


As a producer for Higher Ed Live, Wood shares tips and tricks for higher education marketing to her followers in short, easy-to-read tweets.

7. Samuel Inkpen


Inkpen is an education professional based in London whose Twitter timeline is filled with intellectual ways for university marketers to thrive on social media.

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8. Angela Dahman


Dahman’s tweets are a product of her creative marketing efforts at the University of Missouri. Her posts frequently include insights for higher education and current trends within the industry.

9. Mike Piacentino


Piacentino regularly tweets useful news about higher education and social media. Look to his timeline for an in-depth blog post about higher ed. and current events.


10. Barbara Mendoza


Based in College Station, Texas, Mendoza tweets about Texas A&M while also shining a light on the marketing efforts she conducts for the university.

11. Joshua Dodson


As a higher education digital marketing director, Dodson certainly brings his expertise to his tweets. He frequently tweets about higher ed. articles, conferences and more, so check him out!


12. Richard Rojo


Rojo tweets out a variety of information beneficial for those in higher education, such as marketing trends, social media ideas and tips to connect with students.

13. Matt Nazario-Miller


Nazario-Miller is a higher education marketing specialist who tweets about industry trends as well as current events.


14. Alexa Biron


With professional experience in social media and marketing related to higher education, Biron’s account would be one to follow if you’re looking for curated trends in education on your news feed.

15. Colleen J. Campbell


Campbell is a content strategist for Oakland University and her tweets (and retweets) are full of creative examples of how a college can creatively reach its audience.


16. Colin Huber


Huber is part of the marketing team for Oregon State, and his Twitter is filled with out-of-the-box ways their account has connected with students.


17. Alta Justus


Based in the U.K., Justus’ career revolves around developing SEO, strategy and social media content for a variety of universities. Follow her for daily insights and new perspectives.


18. Rebecca Moore


Although Moore’s career revolves around high school teaching instead of a university, her tweets are still relevant for anybody looking to connect with students.


19. Eric Hoover


As a writer for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Hoover offers a wide variety of tweets with an educational perspective on everything from social media to current events.


20. John S. Murphy


As a social media specialist for Brown University, Murphy’s tweets and retweets include the latest updates that a marketer for any college would find useful.


21. Meaghan Downs


Downs is a professional writer and social media coordinator based in Illinois. Her tweets revolve around the importance of writing and having fun while also featuring ideas on social media and education.

22. Ryan Maguire


Maguire is a higher education expert who tweets frequently about writing and higher ed. social media posts.


23. Jane Dawkins


Based in Canada, Dawkins manages social media for a veterinary college in Ontario and posts regular tips for her followers via her vlog YouTube channel.


24. Katie Halberg


Halberg’s informative tweets cover a range of worthwhile topics, from higher education to social media and parenting.

25. Abby Meyer


Specializing in web content and social media, Meyer tweets insightful thoughts and ideas for her higher education-focused followers on a regular basis.

26. Brian Wasson


Wasson’s regular tweets include valuable knowledge about higher education, social media and healthcare, making his account well-rounded and informative.

27. Katy Spencer Johnson


Johnson’s tweets vary in topic, including information about education, marketing to students, using social media effectively and more.


28. Sandra Ordonez


Ordonez is a New York-based higher ed. and Google expert who tweets insights about students, social platforms and more.


29. Adam Brayford


Brayford tweets the latest changes and updates pertaining to various social media platforms, as well as insightful content about higher education and social strategy.

30. Denise Leech


Leech’s tweets revolve around social media engagement and strategies to increase the engagement you can receive from your followers.

31. Stuart Robertson


Robertson’s expertise includes web design, higher education and social media – and his tweets regularly include insights for all three.

32. Lisa Catto


Catto’s day job includes professional social media, PR and higher education work. Her tweets cover all three aspects on a regular basis.

33. A.J. Lopez III


With a focus on social media and photography, Lopez’s tweets almost always include some type of visual reference (e.g., an image or GIF), making his account appealing to follow.

34. Sam Paterson


Paterson’s tweets cover valuable information about education, technology and social media.


35. Tim Marshall


Marshall is a higher education professional who tweets about the latest and greatest in marketing, social media and content strategy.


36. Sarah Morgano


Morgano’s tweets include references to higher education, technology, social media, marketing and more.


37. Michaela Eames


Emaes is a professional social media strategist and it shows in her tweets. Her daily insights provide a wide range of social networking possibilities for higher ed. marketers to utilize.

38. Layne Fuller


Design, higher education marketing, and social media are just some of the topics Fuller tweets about on a daily basis.


39. Jason Smith


Smith is a higher education professional who posts updates about everything from web design to marketing strategy ideas.


40. Myla Denise


Denise is a marketing and communications professional who tweets a variety of intellectual posts with international and educational themes.

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