RIP Vine: 16 of the Best Vines of All Time

Twitter recently announced that it will be shutting down Vine, a 6-second video app that was first released in January of 2013. Over the past three years, many lucky people have become famous overnight due to their creative, innovative, or just downright hilarious 6-second videos.

And although Vine isn’t being deleted completely, users will no longer be able to upload new content, making old videos accessible to watch. Here are 16 of the best Vines ever made that you should seek out:

1. “I Smell Like Beef” Baby

2. “Who is She?”

A video that become an overnight sensation, this iconic 6-second clip has been replicated many of times since its creation, even by famous celebrities like Jeff Goldblum!

3. Maple the Dog and “Cowbell”

4. “What?” Whisper Baby

One of the oldest classics on Vine, whisper baby is a great one-hit wonder that we should never forget.

5. Guilty Tater Tot Dog

6. Dunk Cam ft. “Yeet”

Here we see the famous “dunk cam” (when you pretend to dunk over someone out of nowhere) and the memorable dance that came along with it. And for those who don’t know, “yeet” is a phrase coined by Vine users to express excitement.

7. Dancing Doge

8. Chloe’s Disneyland Reaction

Originally posted on YouTube, Chloe’s Disneyland reaction became a huge hit due to her hilariously confused and uninterested reaction.

9. “Look at All Those Chickens”

10. LeBron James Kid

Another famous video, LeBron James Kid is a notorious figure in Vine history.

11. Drumming Puppy

12. Avocado Kid

From receiving an avocado as a gift to the hinted resistance in the way he says “thanks,” there is something about this video that makes it memorable.

13. Blockin’ Out the Haters

14. The Original “What Are Thooooose?”

One of the most recent famous phrases to come from Vine, “What are those?” is a term used to mock the shoes someone is wearing, and has been recreated thousands of times.

15. Peanut Butter Baby

16. #cute – Lizard Head Gavin

Gavin is quite possibly the most famous child star on Vine. His uncle Nick uses his Vine account to capture weird moments of Gavin just being himself. In this vine we see the 3 stages – confusion, realization, and acceptance.

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