What You Should Know About Google’s Personalized Search

googleYou May Not Be Ranking as High as You Think on Google and Here’s Why

When you Google search for your company, odds are it comes up pretty high on the search results. Your first thought might be that all of your search engine optimization tactics are going to good use. The truth is, you might not be as highly ranked on Google as you think.

What is Google’s Personalized Search?

You’ve probably noticed that Google does a good job at keeping tabs on your web activity. Some key points to remember:

  • From things you recently shopped for online to websites you frequently visit to people you connect with on social media, it’s no secret that Google knows about our online habits.
  • Not only does Google index your past searches and browser history, but they also use your location every time you login, and even take into account your friends on social media to tailor your searches.

As helpful as this may be to some people, it’s not so great for businesses trying to assess their own SEO.

Sadly, Google has gotten rid of the ability to turn off personalized results completely. But thankfully there are a few services to help you see your SEO efforts. Companies such as Moz and Serps provide software that can let you find out where you truly rank and help you reach your SEO goals.

How to Use Google Personalized Search to Your Advantage

Even though it may hinder your own search results, using these SEO tactics that cater to personalized search can help you become more visible to potential customers. Here are a few takeaways from what we’ve discovered about personalized search:

  • Post about local events and attractions – Since location is a large part of customized search, it’s important that you post more than just your business’ services. Integrating fun blog posts into your site and emphasizing your company’s presence in a geographic region is a good way to come up in searches.
  • Connect with customers – Social media marketing has continued to grow since its emergence in the 2000s, and you can use this growth to your advantage. The more people you can get to like your page or follow your accounts, the more likely their friends will see you in a search.

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