Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: Which Is Better?

social mediaSince Instagram released its new feature called “Stories,” many people have been curious about its features due to the overwhelming similarity to Snapchat. And since both apps are both highly effective when it comes to social media marketing, it’s time to investigate which app would work best for your business.

Strength in Numbers

Numbers don’t lie. To start off our comparison, let’s take a look at some recent statistics regarding Instagram and Snapchat.




The Low Down: Five Main Differences

1. Instagram doesn’t offer location or face filters

It’s been talked about how the addition of Snapchat’s geofilters and on-demand geofilters have become the next big thing in marketing and branding. And Snapchat’s daily face filters have made a huge splash amongst its users.

The creativity aspect of Snapchat is one of the major reasons why it has become so successful compared to other social media apps.

2. Instagram Stories are public by default

If your business has an Instagram page, it’s likely public and can be searched for within Instagram. This also allows it to be seen by people who don’t follow your account. For Snapchat, a user must add you in order to see your Stories.

3. Two different types of culture

One main difference between these two platforms is the types of people each of these apps serve:

    • Snapchat is known to cater to a younger audience with its more informal feel, and is more popular amongst the 18-24 year-old age group.
    • Instagram, meanwhile, was intentionally made to showcase professional photos, so it reaches a more diverse range of age groups.


4. Instagram Stories market an existing audience

An important aspect to remember about Instagram Stories is that you can reach your existing followers, and would not have to build a separate following on Snapchat for a similar purpose.



5. Users are still more likely to use Snapchat

Because of the high volume of accounts that users follow on Instagram, users say that they might be less likely to watch Instagram Stories if they have over 100 Stories to watch.

And in a recent study, 63% of people said they still preferred Snapchat over Instagram, and 75% said Instagram Stories won’t push them to stop using Snapchat.

The Verdict

Since every company is different, it’s hard to say which platform would be best for all businesses. Each app boasts its own unique traits and qualities that have both benefits and challenges.

Overall, it mainly comes down to one’s own personal preference, but there are some important things to consider no matter which app you choose. Here are some tips and tricks to take into account when deciding which app suits your business better.


Tips and Tricks

    • Focus on your target audience. Picking an age group would be the easiest way to start, and utilizing both apps in different ways could be a good way to expand your customer base.
    • Consider the content you intend on posting. Snapchat leans more toward a casual-vibe, and is better-suited for live posts, behind-the-scenes, sneak peaks, or just silly photos and videos. Instagram is a bit more formal and is taken more seriously amongst brands, but can still be useful for adding content for the next 24 hours just like Snapchat.
    • Don’t forget to be creative. For Snapchat, create your own geofilters and take advantage of its editing tools. Not exactly sure what you can do? There are many ways that different companies have gotten creative on Snapchat which you can draw some inspiration from.

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