Website Conversion Tips for Higher Education Marketers

If you are wondering how your college or university can get more leads from its website, these quick tips can help you reach your goals.

Given that a school’s main goal is enrollment, focusing on individual program landing pages is a good start. Let’s take a look at a few aspects worth keeping in mind when designing your pages.

How to Improve Leads from People Visiting Your Site

  • On these landing pages, one way to convert is through your web design. An important feature of this would include a strong call to action above the fold of the webpage. Even having a phone number listed at the top of the page is a simple way to encourage potential students to get in contact with you.
  • A second tip is to lessen the amount of steps a visitor has to take to reach a desired page. As shown in the video, it took a few clicks to reach the page we were looking for. These extra steps would decrease the chances of conversion. Having direct links to contact forms or internal pages makes each click less tedious, and more likely for the visitor to contact you.
  • Another important aspect of the page is the content itself. Having copy emphasize keywords and main points, along with incorporating visually engaging aspects such as icons and photos, are all helpful components in creating a page which leads to conversion.
  • Lastly, another way to increase conversion is to incorporate a contact form directly into the landing page. Sites such as Wufoo make it easy and affordable to construct your own form and place it on the page for visitors to fill out.

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