Our 5 Favorite Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

TVSuper Bowl XLIX was exciting right down to the finish, and this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials certainly held their own all the way as well. Which is good, since about 95% of people are more invested in the commercials than anything actually happening in the game itself.

Here are our five favorites:

Heisenberg’s Return

I’m not even going to try and figure out the semantics of this commercial; it’s just cool to see Heisenberg back in action. What a great commercial reminding you to binge-watch Breaking Bad on Netflix! Oh, wait…this was for Esurance?



The Trailer for Jurassic World

We are gigantic fans of Jurassic Park in these parts, which means we were all bursting with anticipation for the new Jurassic World trailer that debuted during the game. It didn’t disappoint, especially since it showed even more of Chris Pratt’s character apparently domesticating velociraptors.



Skittles Arm Wrestling

Skittles commercials are some of the most gloriously bizarre ads to ever exist, and the candy’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial made sure to stay weird. To me, that’s what a good Super Bowl commercial is all about it; the weirder and more out there it is, the more I’m going to like it.



Kim Kardashian’s Plea for a Better Data Plan

Just about everyone likes to make fun of Kim Kardashian, so it’s good she can poke fun at herself. Even better for her, this was one of the funniest commercials of the night. But either way, she probably doesn’t mind what you think, since she’s bathing in $100 bills when she goes home at night.



The Snickers Bunch

I never knew how much I needed a menancing-Danny-Trejo-as-Marcia-Brady character until now. This also feels like a pretty solid entry in the Machete series.



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