A New Way to Bring Your Display Ad A-Game


Google has rolled out affinity targeting and in-market advertising – terrific AdWords Display Network campaign options – in the past couple years.

Now, it has made another addition that promises to take your display ad targeting to the next level and already has one NYC media specialist in the AdWords Blog announcement saying it doubled his client’s campaign performance.

So what’s the new feature?

Custom Affinity Targeting

AdWords announced custom affinity targeting on October 7th. If you are familiar with affinity targeting, that update allowed you to direct campaigns to sports junkies, car enthusiasts or similar segments.

Now, the custom affinity segments option allows you to input favorite websites and keywords to form your own affinity groups. It even suggests relevant ideas, sites and topics that could complement your campaign, based on user data.

New Information to Help Build Your Cross-Platform Strategy

Last but not least, the update displays instantaneous insights on interests and demographics of your custom-defined group, such as age and gender. This could be great for, say, getting ideas on what to post on social media.

To take it a step further, analyzing these metrics could point to new areas for product or menu development. Exciting stuff!

Getting Personal

My favorite part of this update? The example photo about brunch:

Custom Affinity Targeting Example

I’m both intimidated and intrigued by the level of precision offered in this feature. Ultimately, as a self-defined brunch enthusiast, I feel validated in my relentless weekend quest to find the best pancakes in Cleveland. Bring on the ads.

As a marketer, I feel like I can help every searcher also feel the same – weirded out about the extreme accuracy and precision of the ads they see. But then, they’ll also feel their uniqueness is appreciated when they discover a brand or product that is a perfect fit. People love personalization. Isn’t that the benefit of big data these days?

Are You Bringing Your Display Ad A-Game?

If you haven’t ventured into the world of display advertising yet, it can be a very valuable platform.

In fact, Harvard Business School’s Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration Sunil Gupta examined display ad efficacy. His team found it could have a positive place in an overall ad budget, driving customers down the sales funnel. It turns out that cost per acquisition and click-through rate aren’t always the most accurate measures for these brand goodwill-focused buys.

Your Thoughts?

Are you going to use custom affinity audiences in your AdWords display campaigns? Have you been hit by a scarily accurate ad recently? Let us know!

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