K-Cup Power Rankings: Fall Edition

We all love our coffee in the Sixth City office. It’s the lifeblood of what keeps us working 24 hours a day to serve our clients.

We’ve also become especially fond of our office’s Keurig machine. And by fond, I mean we’ve spent hours discussing the merits of every flavor, and we’ve cheered when our favorites have been re-stocked.

So, with that being said, the obvious and natural next step in all of this is to rank all of the K-cups that we have in the office.

1. Caramel Vanilla Cream from Green Mountain Coffee

This is the ruler of them all, the reigning champion of all the office K-Cups. With a glorious mix of caramel, brown sugar and vanilla cream flavors, this coffee is the treat that has no equal. When you’re at your desk mid-afternoon, lookingCaramel Vanilla Cream for something to help unleash your brilliant SEO ideas, look no further than Caramel Vanilla Cream.

2. Brown Sugar Cake

Caramel Vanilla Cream’s dominance doesn’t mean it won’t have competitors vying for the top spot. Gloria Jeans’ Brown Sugar Cake markets itself as a coffee that will help you “indulge your dessert craving any time of day.” Well who doesn’t have dessert cravings every single moment of the day? It’s a diabolical marketing scheme, and it’s helped this K-Cup manage a strong foothold in the No. 2 spot, with aspirations for No. 1.

3. Tim Hortons Medium Roast

If you’ve never had Tim Hortons coffee, we’re afraid to admit you simply haven’t lived. This reliable standby not only gets you through the workday, but gives you the power* to take care of business with ruthless efficiency. To be a Hall of Famer, you need to be consistent, and Consistency is Tim Hortons’ middle name.

4. Hot Chocolate

There are, of course, people in the office who don’t particularly like coffee. For them, the world of K-Cups is not a desolate, unforgiving place. There’s hot chocolate! Everyone likes hot chocolate, and if someone tries to tell you they don’t, they’re certainly lying. So if you don’t like coffee, or are maybe just in for a change of pace, consider your old friend, hot chocolate.

5. Pumpkin Spice

Fall is coming, which means pumpkin-flavored everything is about to dominate the food and drink world. That means we can also bet that the pumpkin spice coffee in the office will be shooting up these rankings as the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to turn us towards winter.

*All claims of gaining superpowers from drinking K-Cups are without scientific proof.

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