Taste the Forgiveness with LeBron James Cupcakes

LeBron James Cupcakes | Sixth City Marketing After salivating over the news about LeBron’s gracious sugar-fueled apology to his neighbors for the publicity frenzy, John made his own Decision.

This decision was to travel to Akron on a mission: bring a sample of the famous treats to the office.

Sure enough, around 2PM today, one dozen each of Home Court Chocolate Chunk and Just a Kid from Akron Cherry Cola cupcakes arrived at Sixth City Marketing in Lakewood, Ohio.

LeBron, You Have my Vote

As I sit writing this blog, a brand new Clevelander, I feel the need to publicly thank LeBron James and Baker Boulevard Cupcakes for their contribution to my sugar coma this afternoon.

Although I was honestly out of the loop on the LeBron fiasco a few years ago, I too now feel the Forgiveness. I am not an avid basketball fan, but I am an avid cupcake fan… So, looks like I have a ticket to board the LeBron fan bandwagon. Time to buy a jersey.

LeBron James Cupcakes

Why You Should Buy Baker Boulevard Cupcakes

Baker Boulevard graciously donates half of the proceeds from two flavors of cupcakes to benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation, the Just a Kid from Akron Cherry Cola and the Home Court Chocolate Chunk. If more workplaces had the inkling to grab a selection of these for their own employees, bosses can completely justify the expense. After all, the investment goes to a good cause, times three:

  1. Boosting company morale
  2. Helping Akron schoolchildren
  3. Support of a locally-owned business

What Does the LeBron James Family Foundation Support?

A partnership with Baker Boulevard is one of many ways the foundation gives back. The two central pillars of the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF), are firstly, supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and secondly, the Akron Public Schools Akron After School Program. A third focus was added with the Wheels for Education Program, which gives third-graders bikes and the encouragement to work hard towards going to college.

Could there possibly be a better excuse to break your diet?

In case you needed any more persuasion, here’s some graphically delicious footage from News Net 5 on how exactly they baked seventy cupcake pans full of apology.

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