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Sixth City Marketing Case Study: Worthington Jewelers

We started working with Worthington Jewelers toward the end of 2009. Joe Davis and Bob Capace wanted to redesign their website to help complement their growing business. Their primary goal was to have the ability to update and edit content easily. Additionally, they wanted to see how search engine optimization could help them attract new visitors to their website. We quickly recommended WordPress as a solution for their overall website.

We were also able to see that there were plenty of opportunities to target relevant traffic from search engines to their new website. They had never performed any search engine optimization before. We met with Joe and Bob and spent time understanding the unique things that they offered and also who their target audience was.

Services performed

  • Website redesign using WordPress
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content architecture restructuring with SEO in mind


We launched their new website ( in January of 2010. The changes that we made in the website have yielded great dividends over the last few years. In comparing a small time frame (October to December) from 2009 to 2011, we can see that the jeweler’s website traffic has increased over 330 percent (going from 2,376 visits to 10,348). The traffic from search engines in this same time period has increased over 400 percent (going from 1,714 visits to 8,665).

Please see the website statistics straight from Google Analytics below.

Overall traffic stats


Overall traffic from keywords stats


We can help your business as well

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John Sammon

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John Sammon

John Sammon is the CEO and founder of Sixth City Marketing and has been doing online marketing for over 15 years and has vast experience helping manufacturers and universities. During this time, he has been mentioned in many notable publications such as Forbes, Yahoo, and Entrepreneur.

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