SEO Success Stories: Summers Rubber

Despite it being only April, 2012 has brought many exciting things for both Sixth City Marketing and our clients. We’d like to share with you some recent successes that we’ve had. The first is with a company out of Cleveland called Summers Rubber. We reviewed their website in late 2011 and showed them the potential to attract more traffic and leads through the Internet.

Goals of the SEO Campaign

We worked with Summers Rubber to re-evaluate their website goals. The goal of their recent website redesign was to display their catalog of products online. Our first step was to establish a new set of goals. For this campaign, we met with them to identify their most profitable segments. We did research on what the highest volume keyword terms were and then proceeded to create optimized content for the site to target these keyword terms.


We started the campaign in January of 2012 and have had some amazing results since then. You can see from the graphics below that traffic in the last 30 days, compared to the month of November 2011, shows the great progress that we’ve made with the site in a very short period of time. Overall traffic has increased by 65% and traffic from search engines has increased by 39%.

Summers Rubber Overall Traffic Improvements

seo case study: Summers Rubber

Summers Rubber Overall Search Engine Traffic Improvements

SEO success story

We’ve also helped Summers Rubber by adding a few small elements on the website that help show a “call to action.”  This call to action, along with a few other small adjustments, has helped increase relevant online leads. These website leads are coming from all over the globe. What’s amazing is that we are only halfway through the campaign!

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John Sammon

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John Sammon

John Sammon is the CEO and founder of Sixth City Marketing and has been doing online marketing for over 15 years and has vast experience helping manufacturers and universities. During this time, he has been mentioned in many notable publications such as Forbes, Yahoo, and Entrepreneur.

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