What Can the Cleveland Indians Teach Us About Social Media Practices?

It feels like it took forever, but it’s finally baseball season, and the start of America’s pastime has us thinking about social media. The Cleveland Indians are one of the most progressive teams in all of baseball when it comes to social media, having debuted their Social Media Suite in 2011, a section of seats reserved for fans interacting with others via social media channels.

Now, in 2012, the Indians have made it their mission to expand their presence on a number of social media networks. The team has indiansalready been active on the big networks like Facebook and Twitter, but this year, the organization has taken it a step further.

Here’s a rundown of what the Indians are introducing this season:

  • A “TribeVibe” WordPress blog
  • A “Step into the Home” Tumblr blog
  • Presences on Google+ and Pinterest

The team will use these platforms as an opportunity to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the organization, while also providing exclusive ticket offers and the opportunity to meet Indians alumni and members of the front office.

These moves are keeping the Indians at the forefront of social media strategies in baseball, but what can your business learn from these particular social media practices?

Using social media for business works the same way. In today’s society, your customers want immediate access to your brand across all social media channels. By maintaining a social media presence, you are not only remaining transparent, but proving to your customers that your company is cutting edge, innovative, and dedicated to developing new strategies for success.

Start a blog for your company’s website. Post pictures of your office, outings, or employees on Instagram. Pin your favorite business advice on Pinterest. Be as creative as you want – the use of social media in business is rewarded by innovative ideas. Each form of social media serves a certain purpose, but all contribute to developing your brand and building a legion of loyal followers.

By now, most people understand the importance of keeping a business active on Facebook and Twitter. But the popularity and influence of other social media channels cannot be overlooked, and they are now essential aspects to a successful social media campaign.

Take a page out of the Cleveland Indians’ social media playbook. Invest the time in expanding your company’s social media practices and be at the forefront of the social media movement in your industry.

John Sammon

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John Sammon

John Sammon is the CEO and founder of Sixth City Marketing and has been doing online marketing for over 15 years and has vast experience helping manufacturers and universities. During this time, he has been mentioned in many notable publications such as Forbes, Yahoo, and Entrepreneur.

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