How We Used SEO and WordPress to Transform Bruening Glass Works into International Repair Shop

SEO case study: Bruening Glass Works

I’ve worked with many clients over the course of my career in Internet marketing, and the story of Bruening Glass Works is my favorite one to share.

The story of Bruening Glass works and their success with SEO
Marc Konys of Bruening Glass
repairing a crystal piece

Using SEO and WordPress strategies, Sixth City Marketing transformed Bruening Glass Works from a small business that primarily serviced Cleveland, Ohio into an international glass repair shop. In a horrible economy, the company experienced incredible growth due to our recommended strategies and tactics. Because of the Internet, people all across the world now know of and ship their broken pieces to Bruening Glass.

Initial situation

We started working with Marc Konys of Bruening Glass Works in the fall of 2008. At that time the economy, along with business inquiries, had crashed. Marc approached Sixth City Marketing seeking a solution to simply be able to maintain his website on his own. However, after having a discussion about his business, we knew that there was much more we could offer.

At the time, Bruening Glass had a very simple five-page website with information about the business along with a page that showed before and after repair shots. The website averaged about 200-300 visits per month and the business typically got only 6-8 jobs per year outside of Cleveland. Marc had primarily focused his marketing efforts around the city and his primary means of advertising was through the yellow pages or trade publications.

What we did

By researching search engine terms, we determined that there was significant demand for Bruening’s services internationally.. We proposed that Marc emphasize his ability to repair pieces that could be shipped to him. Marc was excited to “think bigger and broader” about what he could do. Here are some highlights of the things Sixth City Marketing did as a result of this new strategy:

  • Focused on making Bruening Glass Works an international repair shop via the internet
  • Reviewed website and did search engine optimization research.
  • Redesigned site using WordPress
  • Overall design strategy was to keep site simple but also have a call-to-action
  • Presented Marc with SEO strategy
  • Provided training on SEO and WordPress
  • Implemented Google Analytics goals
  • Started blog about repair projects
  • Set up a sister website called (#2 targeted keyword)
  • Created a YouTube video to demonstrate Marc’s capabilities and personality


  • 1,528% increase in traffic (283 in October 2008 to 4,601 in Jan 2012)
  • 8-16 leads from the Internet per day outside of the Cleveland area
  • 90% of Internet leads turn into business
  • Ranks #1 for Crystal Repair, his number-one targeted term
  • Ranks #1 for Waterford Crystal Repair via (512 visits to that site in Jan 2012)
  • Crystal repair is now the main focus of the business
  • Gets business from all over the globe
  • Now internationally known and recommended for crystal repair
  • The YouTube video has been viewed more than 7,000 times and is often the reason why customers contact Marc

SEO Case Studies: Bruening Glass

The results of the campaign (just over three years in place) have been incredible. Marc’s traffic and business have increased at least 33% every year as he posts about new and exciting repair projects.

If you would like to see how Sixth City Marketing can help your business through search engine optimization, WordPress or other online marketing strategies, contact us today!

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