Sleazy SEO Strategies to Help You Get NCAA Tournament Bracket Help

For die-hard sports fans, March is the month of nirvana. With it comes the biggest event in the sports world – the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

This also means that offices all over the world lose productivity for a month as employees pore over their brackets, desperate to peg the sleeper team that will help their picks rise to the top.

Everyone has a different method for making picks. Some people spend hours looking over the statistics, finding something in the guard logofrom a 13-seed school that is hard evidence for a Sweet 16 run. Other people choose based on their affinity for a mascot or between the colors of the schools facing off.

These are strategies that have worked for years. But it’s 2012, and it’s time to make a change.

Are you ready to create an expert NCAA bracket? Better yet, are you ready to ensure that your competition creates a repugnant bracket, therefore making you seem like the expert?

Duping your co-workers and family members is possible through some basic search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Let’s go through the steps:

Step 1: Build a Site

We’re not talking anything extensive here. Use a simple site design from WordPress and make sure to buy a domain name, something like

Step 2: Write some content

Research keywords that get search volume, but don’t have competition that will make it impossible to rank for those terms. Here are a few to get you started:

  • NCAA Tournament bracket help: 5% competition, 58 monthly searches
  • NCAA bracket tips: 6%, 590 monthly searches
  • NCAA Tournament expert picks: 7%, 1,300 monthly searches
  • NCAA Tournament expert predictions: 7%, 880 monthly searches
  • NCAA bracket help: 5%, 880 monthly searches
  • Expert NCAA bracket: 4%, 2900 monthly searches

Begin writing content for all the pages of your site, which, in addition to top-level pages (About, Contact, etc.), includes a blog and a series of landing pages that will garner search traffic.

The key here is not to provide actual NCAA Tournament help; no, the aim is to give your friends and co-workers the worst possible advice. For instance, here are some potential blog posts:

  • Why THIS is the Year a 16-Seed Makes a Cinderella Run
  • Been Burned Picking Gonzaga Before? Why This Year Will Be Different
  • Kentucky is Good – Maybe a Little Too Good…

Step 3: Optimize the meta data for your site

Ensure that the meta titles and descriptions for all the pages on your site are optimized with the keywords you researched.

This only adds to the value of your site’s content, and helps it rank even better in the search engines.

Step 4: Post NCAA Tournament bracket content to your social networks

Provided that you’ve used an alias in writing the content on your site (so no one knows you’re hatching a scheme), begin posting some of your blog posts and articles on your various social networks. If you are connected with your friends and co-workers, this will prove to be another source of potential traffic to your site and, in the end, will result in more opponents that you have crushed.

Step 4: Trick your co-workers and family members into losing

You’re on your way to becoming a champion!

By providing these faulty NCAA bracket tips, and using these strategies to ensure that people will find your site, you won’t have to rack your brain trying to predict upsets and Cinderella bracket-busting teams. Go with the easy picks and sit back as the hopes and dreams of your family and friends implode around you.

Sixth City Marketing’s team of experts does not necessarily condone such sleazy tactics in order to reach NCAA Tournament bracket glory, but we do condone the implementation of SEO services in order to improve your company’s web traffic and business leads. Contact us today to get a quote on any of the many internet marketing services that we provide.

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