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When attempting to improve a website’s search ranking, many people understand that “content is king.” Consistent, worthwhile content is one of the keys to developing an effective strategy for any business’ site.

logoSo what’s the easiest way to ensure that you are getting fresh content on your site?

That would be blogging.

Blog Tips for Your Business

The word “blogging” has gone through its share of criticism in the past, unfairly labeled as some sort of faux-writing that a professional should never touch, but the world has come around to understand its many advantages. SEO professionals have known for years the benefits of maintaining a blog along with a company’s site, and many industries are starting to catch on.

The initial problem that many people have with blogs is in regards to maintenance. There’s no way around it – creating original content on a regular basis is time-consuming. But if a company allocates the time and money to developing a strong blog presence, it will work wonders.

Some of the many benefits of a company blog include:

  • Increased link presence – With a company blog, you will be linking back and forth between other blogs in your niche, boosting the links coming back to your site. When you engage in outreach, other blogs will list you in their blogrolls as well, helping to increase traffic.
  • More referring traffic to your company’s site – By linking back to the pages on your company’s site, a blog post will act as a referral and can even serve as a call-to-action.
  • Generates social media content –Every published blog entry can be posted to your company’s social networks as a way to generate more conversations and links back to your site.

Maintaining a blog along with your company’s site establishes you as a proven, trustworthy resource in your field. People will begin to visit your blog with the understanding that you are writing fresh content on a regular basis and, obviously, know what you are talking about. This in turn leads to more qualified leads to your site.

Be sure to check back with Sixth City Marketing for more blogging tips for your business.

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